Cozi Pets

Cozi Pets was started up by myself, Marti, after my family and I moved to a new area away from our closest family and friends. After settling in we were ready for a holiday; the snag came when we realised that we did not know anyone close by well enough to ask them to look after all our pets.

I wondered if there were other people having the same problem as myself, and found that there were! So I decided to extend my love of all animals to loving other peoples animals in their owners absence.

Over the years I have had countless pets of my own, from dogs to fish, from horses to tarantulas, I've looked after and loved them all. As a child the welfare of animals was something that I felt very strongly about; at the young age of 11 I even had my own newspaper article published as I was so concerned with the transportation of horses abroad for their meat and had been petitioning to get it stopped.