Good Dog Walker

Dogs have always been a big part of my life, not only the dogs I have been lucky enough to have owned, but also friends and families pets that I have regularly cared for, walked and loved. Since having my children I had always worked part time, but it was when I was made redundant, trying to find employment to fit in around school times and caring for my pets, that I decided to make my hobby also my income and I became a dog walker! It is a job I truly love and I have never looked back.

On walks Dexter loves sniffing out and digging for rabbits - but he's never fast enough to catch them! When at home he loves nothing better than sun bathing out in the garden in the summer and laying in front of the wood burner in the colder months. Well, there's never a dull moment with Archie around! His most favourite thing is water, weather it be dog-diving head first in, splashing around or having a swim!