Home Loving Cats

Home Loving Cats is an expanding U.K. network of dedicated and caring cat sitters offering the ultimate, professional cat sitting service for cats and their discerning owners. All our cat sitters simply love animals and especially cats which is why caring for other people's cats is not just our work - it is our absolute passion! We have years of cat-owning and cat-handling experience, and when you travel away, you can be certain that you are entrusting your cat to experienced pet sitting professionals who truly adore cats.

In addition to ensuring the well-being of your cat, the security of your home is also of paramount importance. Unlike some pet care firms who advertise their services by way of liveried vans and uniforms (hence alerting the whole neighbourhood to the fact that you are away), our personal service is discrete and confidential. We arrive in a normal car, dress normally and keep our arrival and departure low-key.