About the Business

We are Hug Pet Food – premium, wholesome, freshly prepared, complete meals for dogs and cats. Our pets totally depend on us to give them the greatest chance to lead healthy, happy, long lives. We have a responsibility to provide them with the best nourishment possible in order to keep them fit and well so they can enjoy life to the max.

At Hug Pet Food, we have our very own team of vets, veterinary nurses and nutritionists who help us design meals to support each pet’s unique set of needs! We are an eco-friendly company totally committed to protecting the environment, so we recycle everything, none of our waste goes to landfill. You can even cook Hug Pet Food meals in their recyclable card packaging. We only ever use plastic when no other material fits our criteria, and it must be recyclable or returnable.

Location & Hours

Number 3, Garden Trading Estate Wiltshire

Devizes, SN10 2HW
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