K9 Friends

My name is Jacqui Turnbull and I am a member of the Pet Care Trade Association and Dog Groomers Association.

The security of your home and any animals in my care is paramount to me and my helpers, all of whom are mature responsible people who's integrity, competence, honesty and responsibility is beyond question. You are assured of a service, which is completely reliable and confidential.

We provide a service for anyone living in Scotland for Home Boarding. Being 20 minutes from Edinburgh Air port and 40 minutes from Glasgow Airport, people travel from all over Scotland to bring their dog to home board with me and not just because I am near an airport! My home is a large detached house set in an acre of ground surrounded by a six foot fence with padlocks on the gates. My garden backs on to a field, woodland walks and a shallow river, where I walk every day with the dogs in my care. Idyllic doggie paradise!