Must Love Dogs

As a dog owner, I know how vital it is that the care and good treatment means a great deal when you entrust your pet to someone else. For this reason, I have taken measures to endorse this and take my role very seriously, have full insurance and a big heart! When out on walks I take the added precaution of putting a name tag on your dog with details of my identity, should there be any recall problems. Weather dictates to the walks being fun, so if for any reason your dog is old or dislikes adverse extreme weather I am flexible to reduce or re-arrange times with reasonable notice both sides. Otherwise I do brave the elements and the dogs and I still have great walks together. Some pets also cats. Rabbits, birds need only a visit and a short time outside, instead of an energetic walk. For these I provide a visiting service, to either feed them, break the time they are alone and generally give them their own undivided attention.