Mutleys Hotel & Daycare

Mutley's Incorporated has everything you need for today's modern pooches. Whether you need to wash and brush up your best friend's coat, or need a home from home for a day or your annual holiday, we guarantee that your dog will receive first class care and attention from our highly qualified canine loving staff.

We offer Mutley's Hotel, a home from home for your dog whilst you are away on holiday, this also incorporates Mutley's Daycare, an individual hall with all mod cons from TV to treadmills as well as a four acre paddock for exercise. The Daycare centre is also available for hourly and daily care. We also have Mutley's Makeover, our long established grooming parlour which caters for all breeds to keep your pooch in tip top condition and for budding groomers we have courses available to teach the art of dog grooming.