Mutts Cutts

When you arrive for your appointment we need to understand your pet's needs and your requirements. Your first appointment will start with a "Getting to know you and your dog" session which includes registration, taking medical information and your contact details.

An appointment can last from 5 minutes for a claw cut only (free to all existing customers), up to 4 hours for a wash, dry and groom on a big dog. Longer sessions will be broken up with a 10 minute walk and sniff in the garden every hour (it is not much fun to stand for up to 4 hours!) Clean fresh drinking water is ALWAYS available for Mutts Cutts' guests and a tea or coffee for you.

At Mutts Cutts your pet comes first and we will not put any undue stress on a dog even if that means stopping grooming and continuing later. Dogs will always be treated with kindness and patience.