My Pet Holiday

Hi, I'm Gunther, a wise old miniature schnauzer, and I'm the inspiration behind My Pet Holiday. It all started when I moved home with my human parents, Graham & Barbara Stopher, in 2010 from East Anglia to the Cotswolds. I used to love my old kennel, and my pal Martin that ran it, so they were anxious to find me somewhere suitable near our new home.

Other dog owners they asked were quick to tell them about places to potentially avoid but no one came forward with a glowing recommendation. That was until their window cleaner Mark knew a chap who was pretty demanding too and he sent his dogs somewhere locally. So the call was made and I found a new home from home with Jeremy.

I was having a good time there in the Autumn of 2011 while the bosses were away on (another) holiday. They were naturally missing me and talking about the experience of finding me a new kennels.