Poochs Mobile Pamper Van

All my work is carried out inside my fully equipped van. It is fitted with an electric stainless steel bath and an electric grooming table. I also have a electric double motor blaster dryer, Which will make short work of drying long or thick coated breeds of dogs. All I need to do to get started is to plug an extension lead into a electrical socket to power the van lights, water heater, bath shower and all the electrical appliances. Most pets that require grooming are usually groomed professionally every four to six weeks, depending on the breed and how much you can care for your pet's coat.

Please understand that a groomer cannot be the sole caretaker with regards to coat care. All pets need the attention of brushing/maintenance by the owner between the professional grooms to be certain to reduce matting and other skin conditions that can come from lack of simple daily home coat care. If you have problems with your pet's coat care between grooming please ask me for advice.