Posh Paws

The mobile dog grooming salon is a wonderful service for both you and your pet. We offer a range of grooms from a quick wash and brush-up to full breed styling grooming at your door, with our fully contained mobile dog grooming van. The mobility of Posh Paws mobile salon offers a huge advantage in service and convenience for both the dogs and their owners. Your dog will not need to spend six to eight hours going in and out of a cage between bathing, drying, clipping, scissoring and then waiting to be picked up. There is less distraction, less noise, less busyness and less stress for your dog.

One of the many benefits to mobile grooming is that your dog never has to leave the security and comfort of his/her own home environment. Although most dogs behave better when their owner isn't around, they still have the comfort of being escorted to and from the van by their owner. Our mobile dog grooming van has been designed to offer both comfort and safety to your dog.