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I had a couple of beauty and nail salons for over 15 years and my daughter worked with me in them from a very early age so the natural progression was for her to continue to work with me.

We’ve always loved to have our dogs groomed and always looking their best and then this and our love of dogs combined seemed the natural progression into both of the things I and my daughter absolutely loved and Shampoochie Dog Groomers was born. Both my daughter and I decided to train as dog groomers and open Our very own salon 8 years ago and we’ve gone from strength to strength building up our loyal customer base in the lovely Old Town of Stockport.

We have 4 dogs all Shih Tzus that keep us on our toes. Our dogs are just our most favourite pastime and our best mates. We love nothing more than spending time with them as I suspect most of you do. I know people say they’re just dogs but we know they’re more than that now don’t we!

Business Services

Full Groom Package

Full Groom Package

All our Full Groom Packages start with a consultation to assess your dog's coat and condition and to ask you about your dog and the kind of grooming you want and what can ultimately be achieved.

After a 7 point health check which includes eyes, ears, skin, teeth, nails, nose & bottom we will then bath your dog in one of our stunning Milly’s shampoos to suit your dog's coat. A conditioning treatment will be used if the coat requires it. Your dog will have a complimentary blueberry facial which cleans those messy eyes and dirty beards to leave them smelling lovely and clean.

It also brightens any white fur on the face. After fluff drying your dog they will be styled to the discussed requirements. Nail clipping and filing and under paw tidy. After an ear clean with a soothing ear cleaner we will finish off with a spritz of cologne and one of our handmade bandana or collar bow.

Location & Hours

92 Lower Hillgate

Stockport, SK1 3AL
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