Soft Touch Groomers

Roaming freely has a more relaxing affect on your dog, the more they are at ease the better the grooming experience is for them. We are aware that many dogs have had a negative experience of grooming and you need to build up their confidence slowly, we allow 2hr appointments for all our dogs so they have time to have breaks in-between there grooming sessions. We strive to make dog grooming more relaxed and enjoyable for your dog.

Puppies should be brought into the grooming parlour as soon as possible (from 3 months) so they can become accustomed to being bathed, dried and groomed building up to the full grooming; the grooming experience can be scary for a pup so the earlier you start the better for your puppy.

We may require them to stay with us a little longer to ensure that they can have plenty of rest whilst being groomed. They will be able to go outside and rest in between grooming sessions.