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Tagiffany was setup in 1995 and is operated from UK and Worldwide. Tagiffany carries out high quality pet id tags all laser engraved for clarity and longevity. also engraved collars and silicone collar tags. to Pet Industry.

Our clients are All pet owners and they benefit from our products and services as Keeping your pets safe and sound and giving you peace of mind. Tagiffany was started by Dennis and Karen McGuirk and is operated by a team of hardworking professional people.

Business Products

Holiday & Temporary Pet ID Tags Holiday & Temporary Pet ID Tags Holiday & Temporary Pet ID Tags Holiday & Temporary Pet ID Tags

Do you ever take your pet on holiday with you? or perhaps your pet is staying in a kennel? How about your pet staying with friends, family or dog boarding?

If you ever run into the above scenario, an inexpensive Pet ID Tag showing the new temporary address of you and your pet would be of great benefit to you and help to protect your pet at the same time.

We are pleased to be able to offer a:

  • Lightweight – silver or gold ID Tag
  • Laser engraved – for ease of reading – black text
  • 3 Popular designs
  • Supplied with split rings

With the usual Tagiffany fast and friendly service.

Silicone Slider Collar Tags Silicone Slider Collar Tags

Introducing the newest Collection, the Tagiffany Silicone Slider Collar Tag Black Pet ID Tag. This Pet Collar Tag is manufactured using first grade silicone and the highest quality stainless steel. The Tagiffany Silicone Slider Collar Tag is perfect for pets that have a tendency to catch their ID tags when out and about, ease for owners to attach to collars, or perhaps as an owner, you prefer nothing to be hanging from your pet’s collar.

The Silicone Slider Collar Tag has a stainless steel plate which can be engraved with all your essential information. This Collection is engineered to challenge the toughest and roughest pets out there.  Using the latest in design features and premium grade materials, this tag is worth the investment.  With a totally new process of engraving through laser, Tagiffany are able to achieve a fantastic and impressive result, producing crystal clear text.

The Tagiffany Silicone Slider Collar Tag in Red is available in two sizes: Small and Large ensuring pet owners are able to purchase the most suitable size for their pets. Potential looking for another colour, the Tagiffany Silicone Slider Collar Tag comes in 8 colours, use the link above to view products.

Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany Shimmer Pet ID Tags by Tagiffany

From £9.50 - 12.50

Tagiffany’s The Shimmer Collection, our bestseller and the most glamorous pet ID tags on the market.

These beautiful tags will make your pet the talk of the town. Crafted with exquisite detail, these tags are made with a unique shimmering finish that will make your pet stand out from the crowd.

The tags are available in a range of colours and styles, making it easy to find the perfect tag for your beloved pet. With a secure and durable construction, these tags will last a lifetime. These tags are not only practical, but they are vibrant and offer a unique feature that no other pet tag has – the split ring placement allows the tag to lay flat against your pet’s body, ensuring maximum comfort.

Get your pet the ultimate accessory with Tagiffany’s The Shimmer Pet Tag Collection.

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