Take My Lead MK

I live in Stony Stratford and am available to work throughout the whole of the Milton Keynes area. I can come to other areas on request, please contact me with your details.

We understand that your pets are members of your family, who deserve just as much love and attention when your are at work as when you are at home. We will always visit you and your pet in your home before we do any walk or visit. This allows you (and your pet) to let us know about special requirements, likes and dislikes. When we start looking after your pet they become a member of our family too and are treated in the same way you treat them!

We believe every pet has the right to be healthy and happy - physically and emotionally. This is why we not only provide exercise, food and water but also mentally stimulate your pet with training and games. We will always ensure your pet is comfortable and cared for.