The Dog Crèche

Having run the successful dog grooming business 'Toffs & Toads' for over 15 years we felt it was the right time to try something different. We really wanted to continue helping and caring for dogs, so 'The Dog Crèche' was born. Based in Barnwood in Gloucester we aim to provide a loving environment for all the dogs we care for. If your dog needs looking after whilst you're at work or if it needs walking when you're too busy, we can help. The dogs are in our home, with all the ensuing comforts.

There is a completely secure garden, plenty of toys to play with, and comfy chairs for when they want a rest. They will have constant company, both human and fellow canine, lovely walks, and plenty of fun. As they are always supervised we can ensure that each dog is happy. The pups and young dogs love to play for most of the day, but obviously the older dog will need a rest after a good walk, so we make sure they get some peace and quiet.