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We are a fully Qualified & Insured Dog Grooming Salon based in Wivenhoe, Colchester.

We offer a range of grooming services, including Full Grooms, Bath & Trims, Bath & Brush, Hand Stripping, Puppy Sessions & Puppy School, all on a 1-2-1, appointment basis only.

We will work closely with you to achieve the best results for both you & your dog.

In addition to your dog's groom, we also offer:

~ One off services such as Nail Trimming, Eye Clearing & Hygiene Tidy's (to name a few) - Please contact us to arrange these as we tend to complete them at the beginning or end of the day.

~ Spa Treatments for your dog that can be added onto their groom, these include but are not limited to Facials, Pawdicures & Conditioning Treatments - feel free to contact us for further details.

~ We also stock a small selection of retail items, these are high quality, reasonably priced items & include items such as Treats, Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats & Mitts, Grooming items & other Bits & Bobs
Business Services

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

From Varies
All products used are vegan friendly, cruelty free & ethically sourced.
Please call for full details.
General Maintenance

General Maintenance

From Varies - See Description
To keep your dog in tip top shape, we also offer the following one off services - please call to arrange an appointment as we tend to fit these in around grooms & at the end of the day.
• Eye Clear £5
• Bottom Tidy £5 Combine all 3 for £12.
• Ear Clean £5
• Nails Trim £7
• Pad Clear £7 Combine all 3 for £17.
• Hygiene (inc Bottom) £7
Combine any 3 from the above one off services for £20.
Hand stripping - breed & coat dependent Hand stripping - breed & coat dependent Hand stripping - breed & coat dependent

Hand stripping - breed & coat dependent

From Varies
Removal of the top coat to leave a smooth breed standard finish (only suitable on certain breeds and coat conditions).
Includes a hydro-massage bath, blow dry, ear clean and removal of blown coat. Hygiene, pad tidy and nail trim also completed if required.
Please note that if a coat have previously been clipped or if the dog is neutered, it will have changed the coat & can make it very difficult or in some cases impossible to strip, in these instances we would discuss alternative groom techniques with you.
Puppy School

Puppy School

From £100 Payable in advance
For Pups aged between 12 wks (or once full vaccinations have been completed) and up to 6 mths.
Pups will attend 6 sessions, covering the following….
1. Socialisation – Salon environment, inc sounds & smells.
2. Dryer (the dryer will be turned on near them & gradually pointed at them so they learn feel of the air on their skin – there will be no bath, this is a dry run), Face & Feet hold, Clippers turned on & run over the pup (with no blade) so that they learn the clipper vibration.
3. Bath & Dry
4. Hygiene, Face & Ear Clean
5. Trim Pads & Nails
6. Full Groom (if the pup is ready)
Puppy Grooms - up to 6 months old

Puppy Grooms - up to 6 months old

From £20.00 Per Hour Long Session
For pups between the ages of 12 wks (Once full vaccinations have been completed) & up to 6 mths old.
These sessions last up to 1 hr (recommend min of 3) & are aimed at getting your puppy used to the grooming process, inc noises, smells & handling, it will involve over time anything from the Full Groom list but in a gradual process with lots of praise & cuddles.
It's a good idea to get your Pup familiar with both the process & groomer from an early age to prevent stress. It's especially important for high maintenance breeds such as poodles (inc all mixes) Bichons & other curly coated breeds.
Bath + Brush

Bath + Brush

For those in need of a freshen up.
Includes bath, blow dry and brush through
Bath + Trim

Bath + Trim

From Varies
Maintenance session between full grooms - particularly useful for when trying to grow a coat out.
Includes bath, blow dry, brush through.
An eye clear, hygiene and pad tidy and nail trim if required
Full Groom

Full Groom

From Varies
Including a hydro-massage bath, blow dry, coat brush through, ear clean and either a full haircut / all over trim / undercoat de-shed.
A hygiene, pad clear and nail trim will also be completed if required.

Sam Bell - Owner

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