The Pet Nannies

We are delighted you have sniffed us out! We are Claire Ritchie and Charmaine Baxter and as the Pet Nannies, provide pet services from our homes in Bangor to pet owners throughout the North Down area. The Pet Nannies are lifelong pet lovers and fully understand that your pets are part of your family. We can ensure that your pets are happy when you are not around giving you peace of mind.

Exercise (walking) is the most important part of a dog's health. In the wild, dogs roam for miles every day and that natural instinct to roam is still present in all dogs - even yours. All dogs have different levels of energy - but even dogs with the lowest amount of energy need at least one period of continuous exercise a day, most experts agree.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Through regular walking, many behavioural issues can begin to be resolved. After a long walk, your dog is in a calm state of mind and is more receptive to training and behaviour corrections.