Very Pets

My name is Katie. I am an Aspie (autism spectrum disorder) which gives me a unique perspective of animals and people. After working in many varied careers I found my happiness was working with animals, although not academically gifted enough to become a vet I chose to become self employed and start my petsitting business in 2005. I've not looked back! My confidence has grown exponentially and even more so since gaining a scholarship to the Harvard of Dog Training school, aka The Academy for Dog Trainers founded and run by the goddess that is Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash.

I worked with Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary as training advisor for staff and residents for 2 years and continued to grow my business while caring for my family and 3 Bull Terriers. Last year myself and Talk to the Paw did a demo on dogs and child safety and I had an Ask the Trainer clinic there. Each time I learn something new, my teaching evolves.