Whitburn Whiskers
We're a small and friendly pet sitting business within the Sunderland and South Shields area which aims to develop long-term friendships with animals and their owners. While you're away, we'll visit
Gorgeous & Handsome
Gorgeous and handsome are an amazing grooming service, I've used them 3 times to either puppy cut or bath my 17wk old shih tzu and everytime she looks and smells. We treat your animals as if they were
Paws At Weddings
To find out more about our pet sitting, dog walking and emergency services in the Sunderland area or to enquire about pets at weddings please contact us. Very Important Paws is a very friendly, small,
Comfy K9s
A BIG BIG thankyou to my many regular clients who have helped to make my business a growing success. I am based in the North East of England and am a non smoking mature adult with long term clients,
Pack Leader
All dogs need exercise no matter what breed, and this is especially true for high intensity and high energy dogs. My Dog Running, Dog Walking and Pack Hike services can give your dog a real break from
Groomer Has It
Opened in 2009 our Salon offers professional grooming services for all your dogs needs. We groom all dogs to breed standard and also to any owners individual requests or requirements. Our love and
Rover & Out
My name is Vicki Tulip, and started Rover & Out over 8yrs ago. I previously worked in warehouses until I qualified as a certified IT Engineer. Still I wasn't completely happy with my career choice,