K9 Kuts Worcester
All of the grooming salons are run on a Computerised Booking System holding all details about our canine customers. We ask for owners to Book an Appointment rather than just turning up as we are busy
We are currently very busy and you may be looking at around a 5 week lead time for your appointment. If you own an Aga or Rayburn Cooker, you should take a look at this great site for all your spare
Julia spent two years training full-time in a grooming parlour in Berkshire before starting her own business there in 1972. After moving to Worcestershire in 1994 she spent some time working mobile
Local People For Local Pets
This price covers your stay at the Diglis Hotel that will include bed, breakfast and evening meal. The price will include two days of practical Dogwalking and Petcare with information and advice every
KayNine Grooming
I am a farmer's daughter who has always had a love of animals; as a child our home was filled with dogs, Labradors, Collies, Corgis, Terriers, Spaniels and of course a variety of mongrels. At the age
Worcester Dog Grooming Services
Worcester Dog Grooming services is owned & run by me, Donna Williams. I have been surrounded by dogs throughout my life and was lucky to own 2 beautiful dogs, Sam and Rudy. I have always had a love of